Core values

AgriHub Ltd will strive to provide sustainable solutions, lead with a positive attitude, create opportunities through partnership, respond bravely and quickly and always be resourceful and find a way to say yes. 

Provide sustainable solutions

Keeping sustainability at the forefront is essential for the delivery of lasting value for our farming partners, our employees, our business and the environment. We're always pursuing agricultural trends and opportunities that will diversify our offerings, make us more responsible users of resources and be a caring corporate citizen. 

lead with a positive attitude

We can have the best service plans, solutions, products and equipment available, but it's only when we deliver them with enthusiasm and a positive, let's-do-this attitude that we can build trust and cooperation - internally among employees and externally with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. It also helps us to ensure that we are having fun along the way!

Create opportunities through partnership

We look upon challenges as our greatest opportunities, collectively bringing to the table greater exposure to markets, capital, expertise and staff. We apply this same perspective to our customers, helping them turn their challenges into opportunities for all parties by engaging our partnerships with industry associates, suppliers and coworkers. 

respond bravely and quickly

Whether we're responding to an industry challenge, a new trend or an on-site emergency, we act efficiently and courageously as we make decisions that will best serve the long-term welfare of both Canadian producers and our company. This responsiveness stems from the Penner Farm Services brand legacy, "Total Care, Always There," in which we promise dependable service and around-the-clock support. 

Be resourceful and find a way to say yes

Our goal is to please our customers by listening to their challenges, provide experienced advice and recommend creative solutions that fully resolve each issue. We assure that our customers' needs come first when we're building facilities, recommending equipment systems, providing on-site services or developing new markets.