Corporate social responsibility

Our company comes from a modest upbringing - never boastful but eager to contribute where a need is recognized. We understand that while being modest is admirable, our farming partners, suppliers and the general public are genuinely interested in our contribution and participation in the betterment of our communities, the agricultural sector, and society. 


We are proud to be involved in a wide variety of communities in which we are located, we reside, and we conduct business in. We want to ensure that the way of the small town lives on, whether it's the local curling club, hockey rink, drop in centre or youth baseball team, these organizations, events and clubs are crucial to the well-being of our society. While we do our best to support as many of these requests as we receive, there is always a need greater than what we can monetarily contribute. To resolve this shortage, we have provided our team with volunteer opportunities, encourage participation in activities and committees within our communities. We are proud of our employees (from all levels) for stepping in to be good corporate citizens. 



Our goal is to create sustainable solutions for farm operations. To offer sustainable career paths for our employees. To create sustainable relationships with suppliers. To be viewed as a sustainable source for services, equipment, supplies, and employment. 

Core values

An emphasis on positivity, change and advancement is the focus of our Human Resources department. When we value, encourage and invest in our employees, our entire organization benefits greatly from this. Our goal is to have our employees advance throughout the company, while staying true to their roots. We continually evaluate employee benefits and programs to ensure we are optimizing our offerings, tailored to the needs and wants of our employees. 

In addition, our Core Values instills values that built this company and the standards in which our customers, employees and suppliers have come to know us for. These values are our mandate about how we conduct business, foster relationships and interact with our coworkers and community members to ensure we keep our founders vision alive.