Regenerative Agriculture

Helping Canadian Producers reach their sustainability goals with custom designed solutions. 

What is it?

It looks different on each farm, regardless of species or crop inputs. From re-capturing waste water, implementing vertical fodder systems, or utilizing solar energy, biodiesel or biogas, there is no singular definition or scope of Regen Ag.
We are here to develop solutions applicable for your farm, and your goal, helping you reach a 5-year simple payback, or 20% ROI.

How do we approach it?

With a realistic view. Your farm is most likely already working towards a Net Zero target without even knowing it! We help identify your current efforts and improve upon them if needed, and implement the proper tools, equipment and solutions to bolster and expedite your Net Zero goals.

Information Needed

First, we evaluate your farm size, inputs, outputs, and desired implementation timeline.

Sustainability Plan Development

We evaluate your 5/10/15 year farm plan, and recommend the best suited plans to implement sustainable solutions on your farm.


Once a sustainable solution is set, we will assist you in setting up your financing, including any grant applications that may be applicable.

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