Our Dairy industry offerings are extensive to include barn design and construction, automated milking, parlour milking, housing, and animal wellness. 


Whether it's barn design or hog paddles, our locations are more than happy to help you with your hog operation need. 


We offer housing, handling and packing systems for layers, broilers, breeders, turkeys, and more.


Our Grain solutions are not just limited to storage - we offer a host of handling, drying, milling and storage solutions whether you farm 500 acres or 10,000 acres. 

Nutrient Management

In-barn handling, on-farm pumping, spreading in the field - no matter the need, we have it covered across all the sectors. 

Power Generation

We offer design and sales for a variety of power generation needs for the Industrial, Commercial & Agricultural applications. We specialize in diesel, natural gas, propane and PTO. We are a proud member of Electrical Generating Systems Association, and have a factory trained, John Deere OEM engine specialist.