Agriculture is built on community, and sometimes our community needs a helping hand. AgriHub Cares was born from this idea, ensuring we can help our community members who are in need.

In 2022, our staff and community fundraised throughout the month of June for the Jongsma Family, raising enough to cover a sizable portion of a wheelchair accessible van to assist in travel, school, and day-to-day life of Garret, their 4yo who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Garrets father, Janwillem, is our FMS Advisor based out of Blumenort, MB.

In 2023, our staff and community fundraised to support Affordable Housing in and around our local operating areas. 

For 2024, we are seeking nominees who could benefit from assistance in covering some costs incurred in relation to a medical diagnosis. Whether you are nominating yourself, a friend, or a family member – we ask you to fill out the form below. Nominations are open from January 10th, through May 10th.

Nominations/Application Criteria for AgriHub Cares Candidates

  1. Direct relation (immediate family member, such as Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, Brother or Sister) to:
    1. AgriHub Family of Companies Employee
    2. AgriHub Family of Companies Farming Partner (Customer)
  2. Received a medical diagnosis, that has/will affect their way of life for either the short or long term.
    1. In order to provide charitable receipts for donors, we must be able to link the AgriHub Cares recipient to a charity/foundation.
  3. Have incurred, or is about to incur an unforeseen or necessary expense to improve the well-being, quality of life, accessibility, and/or health of an individual or family.  
  4. Able to provide receipt(s), invoice, or order confirmation of item(s) or service(s) related to the diagnoses.
  5. Willingness to share their story with the AgriHub family, as well as our Operating Brand audiences.
  6. Has knowledge of your submission/nomination on their behalf.


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